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We are located in New Ulm, TX between Sealy and Columbus. Our address is 1912 Zimmerscheidt Road. Please click here for directions.

Please complete our Staff Application which can be found here…

SCR will make every attempt to accommodate the following diets and allergies: gluten free, lactose free, and vegetarian. SCR is a nut-friendly facility, meaning we do not serve or use any items that overtly include nuts.

SCR will also accommodate vegan diets but please note our options are limited as far as having alternatives for each item.

SCR serves a salad with lunch and dinners, as well as oatmeal, yogurt, and fresh fruit at breakfasts on top of the main meal items. For all food allergies, severe or not, SCR will make every attempt to not cross contaminate any foods with other allergens, but we cannot  guarantee contact will not be made and that all ingredients purchased from our vendors are not completely free of various allergens. For that reason, SCR suggest to any guests with food allergies, severe or not, that the safest way to ensure no contact occurs is for the guest to bring their own foods as a substitute. Facilities will be available to guests to accommodate bringing their own food (freezers, coolers, microwave, etc). Also please note that SCR has limited options for guests with special diet requests that are not submitted in writing at least one week prior to start of the retreat. 


Summer Urban Initiative

Registration for returning groups begins on…

Registration for new groups begins on….

If your child would like to attend but is not already involved with one of our Ministry Partners, please contact us at 713.800.7250 and we can help connect you with a group in your area.

Campers are not permitted to use the phone during camp. In the case of an emergency or in special circumstances approved by our Urban Directors, campers may be permitted to use the phone on a case by case basis.

If you need to contact someone during the Summer Urban Initiative, please call the Head Wrangler for your child’s group. If you are unable to reach the Wrangler, please call the Camp Office at 979.992.2800 and ask to speak with one of the Urban Directors.

Please call our Camp Phone at 979.992.2800.


The dining facility at Stoney Creek Ranch offers a soundboard, stereo system and speakers in the meeting room and dining room for use during your stay. White Tail Hall: Sound system includes LCD projector, sound board featuring 10 inputs of which 8 are unused along with hookups for iPod and computer (PC and Mac), DVD player, large-scale screen as well as 1 wired and 2 wireless handheld mics for use during your stay. The Dining Room has speakers that are controlled by the sound system in White Tail Hall.

Additionally, the barn, basketball pavilion and outdoor chapel are equipped with a soundboard, stereo system and speakers. Your group agrees to be responsible for any damage to equipment occurring while in the care of your retreat. Click here to view a complete list of all sound and video equipment.

View Equipment List

Yes, Wifi is available at camp. We will provide group leaders the password upon arrival at camp. Please do not share this password with all guests as the Wifi connection weakens with each additional user.

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